New MV for Christopher’s new song “No More Hope”

It’s with lots of emotions that Christopher speaks about “No More Hope”:
“I am very proud to present this new song! It’s about a very serious and profond subject. The year 2017 began with an event that shocked me‎ deeply when I learned about a family friend of mine, a hockey teammate’s Father who committed suicide during new year’s Eve. This made me think a lot, question everything, and most of all it hurt. The way I deal with things in my life is through music. This is how this new song came about. “No More Hope” is how I think a desperate person would feel. It speaks about pain, being in a very “dark place”, making a big decision..
Everybody wishes that he did not make this choice. I support his family and hope they stay strong. I love them very much. Derek you’re a bro! I’m here for you!!
I would like to thank Alexandre Lambert et Louise (GéniAL Productions) Big thanks also to Éric Noël and his team (CFP Maurice Barbeau) !!! It was AMAZING to work with you!!! 😀
Congrats to my “badass” musicians 😛 Jimmy Jobidon and Jonathan Guay. ”